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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Blessed and happy Feast of Saint Anthony of Padua

Today is the feast day of St. Anthony of Padua, called “Ark of the Covenant” for his profound knowledge of Scriptures and “Hammer of Heretics” for his skill in applying that knowledge in polemics . He knew everything in Scriptures and used to quote it by heart , he was not only able to quote such texts, but used to comment on them and draw concrete consequences from them to smash the heretics and to encourage the faithful.

St. Anthony was born into this old world with a fervor to obtain heaven. His ancestors were knights and crusaders. Promises and messengers from heaven have favored his country, Portugal. He lived during the time of St. Frances of Assisi and St. Dominic of the rosary .
Anthony was a simple and humble friar who preached the Good News lovingly and with fearless courage. The youth whom his fellow friars thought was uneducated became one of the great preachers and theologians of his day. He was a man of great penance and apostolic zeal. But he is primarily a Saint of the people and the patron saint of the poor, Saint Anthony is most known as Wonder Worker. But he also can help when something important is lost. In any prayer to Saint Anthony asks his intercession to Our Lord for help.

When we pray to a saint, it is not the same thing as praying to God. God made everything and everyone that is in the world, God made the world and is real in all time and in everyplace. God makes miracles, or answers prayers. Saints are people who we know have gone to Heaven and live with God there. They were very close to God while they lived and are now in Heaven with God, as close as anyone can possibly be. They know the Will of God. So, when we ask a saint for help in something, like passing a test, or finding our best shoes, we are asking the saint to pray with us for help to God. Someone who loved God so well, and knows God so well, can surely help us learn to love God and know His will better, don't you think? That's what intercession means.

Saint Anthony spent his whole life learning how to be closer to God, and to love God.

He lived a quiet life as a monk and didn't attract much attention. All he wanted to do was pray, and work, help the poor and offer his life to Jesus.
He attracted crowds wherever he went. Some legends about his skill in speaking say that when a crowd did not seem interested in what he had to say, a school of fish came to the surface to listen to him. Another time, a hungry donkey ignored food, and knelt before the Blessed Sacrament after listening to Saint Anthony preach.

He is often shown holding the Infant Jesus. This is because once, when he was staying in a town, his host looked into his room and saw him standing there holding the Christ Child. What a great friend of Jesus!

Let us end with prayer of praise, or responsorial, in honour of Saint Anthony was composed by friar Giuliano da Spira. The responsorial is part of the Officium rhythmicum S. Antonii, which dates back to 1233, two years after Saint Anthony's death. It is sung at Saint Anthony's Basilica and many other churches every Tuesday.

If then you ask for miracles,
Death, error, all calamities,
Leprosy and demons fly,
And health succeeds infirmities.

The sea obeys and fetters break,
And lifeless limbs you do restore;
While treasures lost are found again,
When young and old your aid implore.

All dangers vanish at your prayer,
And direst need does quickly flee;
Let those who know your power proclaim,
Let Paduans say: these are yours.

To Father, Son may glory be
And Holy Spirit, eternally. Amen

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