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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Novena to Saint Padre Pio's Feast ~~ Day 2 ~~

The Second Day
Introductory Prayer ( for each day )

Come to me as Father and friend, Jesus, and do not leave me alone;
Lord, abide with me!

I am just a pilgrim wandering in a world enveloped by darkness;
bestow on me Your Light and Your Grace.
Lord, abide with me!

In this precious moment, embrace me;
let this union between us last forever.
Lord, abide with me!

Accompany me along life's journey; I need Your presence.
Without You I become faint and fall.
Lord, abide with me!

Evening is coming and I am racing like a river towards
the deep sea of death.
Lord, abide with me!

Be my strength in sorrow and in happiness,
whilst I live and until I die within Your embrace.
Lord, abide with me!

O glorious Padre Pio, from infancy you offered yourself to God as an instrument of reparation. With your impoverished family you began to grow in age, wisdom and goodness. Your father, dreaming of a better tomorrow, left for Argentina and you, who said, "My father went far away from his wife and children in order to provide all of us with something to eat", recognized the courage of this gesture. Your mother undertook the task of providing for the family by working in the fields so that nothing would be lacking.
We have your testimony that you left us to serve as a lesson: "From early childhood we worked with commitment. We worked for our daily bead. Our affection devolved on our parents. With them we struggled in the great battle of life.. " May the Lord grant to us dedication to good works, devoutness, and a close relationship with our families. This we ask through Christ our Lord.

- that the family loves and honours God, for that the family that prays together remains united.

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