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~~Witnesses of Faith pray for us ! ~~

Monday, September 20, 2010

Novena to Saint Padre Pio's Feast ~~ Day 7 ~~

Introductory Prayer ( for each day )

Come to me as Father and friend, Jesus, and do not leave me alone;
Lord, abide with me!

I am just a pilgrim wandering in a world enveloped by darkness;
bestow on me Your Light and Your Grace.
Lord, abide with me!

In this precious moment, embrace me;
let this union between us last forever.
Lord, abide with me!

Accompany me along life's journey; I need Your presence.
Without You I become faint and fall.
Lord, abide with me!

Evening is coming and I am racing like a river towards
the deep sea of death.
Lord, abide with me!

Be my strength in sorrow and in happiness,
whilst I live and until I die within Your embrace.
Lord, abide with me!

O holy Padre Pio, man of faith and prayer, the multitudes of yesterday and today have come and continue to come to you: Why? They see a man of God, a man of great faith, a man become prayer, a man of suffering, one crucified without a cross... and they remain mute, contemplating your passing hours and hours on end in the choir loft, before the crucified Lord and at the feet of Our Lady of Grace. Who are you to those who come to you, you were asked one day, and you replied: "Among you I am a human being, on the Altar a victim, and in the Confessional a judge".
Your Mass was something magnificent! The people crowded close around the Altar, saw you transfigured by love and suffering, and believed!
The intensity of the ardour, with all proclaiming that you lived the Passion of Christ and that you were immolated with Him, was marvelous. Pope Paul VI recognized you with these words: "Look at the renown and the world wide following he has brought together around himself! Why? Because he celebrated Mass with humility heard confessions from morning to evening, and was a man of God".
Most dear Padre Pio, intercede for us before God, that we may live our faith as you lived yours, that Mass may become the source and the summit of our ardour and that our life passes into a constant, living communion with Him. We ask this in the name of Christ our Lord.

-That the Holy Mass and the Eucharist may be the source and the summit of our faith.
-That, following your example, we live in constant communion with God.
-That we accept unsparingly the adversities that are placed before us as a test of our faith. Amen

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