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~~Witnesses of Faith pray for us ! ~~

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Novena to Saint Padre Pio's Feast ( Day 9 )

Introductory Prayer ( for each day )

Come to me as Father and friend, Jesus, and do not leave me alone;
Lord, abide with me!

I am just a pilgrim wandering in a world enveloped by darkness;
bestow on me Your Light and Your Grace.
Lord, abide with me!

In this precious moment, embrace me;
let this union between us last forever.
Lord, abide with me!

Accompany me along life's journey; I need Your presence.
Without You I become faint and fall.
Lord, abide with me!

Evening is coming and I am racing like a river towards
the deep sea of death.
Lord, abide with me!

Be my strength in sorrow and in happiness,
whilst I live and until I die within Your embrace.
Lord, abide with me!

O holy Padre Pio, crucified without the cross, our existence, marked by the longing for eternity , is humanly inexplicable. Your whole life was one of total dedication to God and your fellow man and, like Christ, always doing good. The crowds rushed to you, to your Mass, to your Confessional, for your blessing, to your devotional practices... and returned home comforted and content.
Today you continue to be our defender before the throne of God and, every year, millions of people visit your tomb seeking grace or giving thanks for miracles obtained through your intercession.
Dear Padre Pio, with great trust we turn to you to beg your intercession and to seek refuge. Pray for us; obtain from God the graces we need. We ask this in the name of Christ our Lord.

- That we be good witnesses of the faith for the world.
- That we pass on to future generations our way of life loving God and the Church.
- That, in this proud age so preoccupied in possessing more and more, we serve as witnesses to a higher value, as was our beloved Saint Pio of Pietrelcina.

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