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Friday, October 1, 2010

Blessed and happy Feast of Saint Therese of Lisieux , the Little Flower ( October 1 )

It's time of the year to remember and celebrate Saint Therese , Little Flower of Child Jesus . She is a true Saint of modern time , always there for us to pray and help us in every difficult moments of our lifes . Her intercessory powers are extraordinary because of her ordinary and simple confidence, trust and hope in her loving Brother-our Eternal God!
God infused into Therese the gifts of the Spirit. She received God's wisdom, knowledge and understanding in abundance. Therese believed that since God is total Spirit and all powerful, the Almighty would grant her this request because of her extraordinary confidence.
Through her intercession we can gain increased confidence and trust in a pessimistic world around us. We only need to do little things well and the big ones will fall into place. We need to practice ordinary things such as daily prayer. That's the biggest challenge because we do not always feel like praying. God is in the ordinary and plain events and circumstances of daily life. We can find the Almighty anywhere. God's likeness and image inundate us. The Deity's signature, glance and invitation are written on every flower, every smile we offer and every kind word we extend .
Saint Therese is only the second doctor of the church in the Modern Era category. The other one is Alphonsus Liguori who died in 1787.
"In response to the many requests and after much attentive study, I have the joy of announcing that on Mission Sunday, October, 19th, 1997, in St Peter's Basilica in Rome, I will proclaim St Therese of the Child Jesus and the Holy Face, a doctor of the Church. I have wished to solemnly announce this event here (the Vicar was in France) because the message of St Therese, a young holy woman so present to our times, is of particular interest to you, young people. At the school of the Gospel, she indicates to you the path of Christian maturity. She calls you to an infinite generosity; she invites you to remain in the heart of the Church as disciples and ardent witnesses of Christ's charity.""Therese's teaching" the Holy Father said, "is a true science." It is the luminous expression of her knowledge of the mystery of Christ and of her personal experience of grace. She helps the men and women of today and she will help those of tomorrow to be more aware of the gifts of God and to spread the Good News of God's love. She would encourage us to trust in the church's 2000 years of motherly wisdom and riches.

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Join me also in praying faithfully Novena to the Feast of Saint Therese of Lisieux

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