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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Novena In Honor Of Saint John Vianney ~ Day 5 ~

O Holy Priest of Ars,
you knew how important was a good confession
for the Christian life.
It was to procure the happy fruits of millions of souls
that you agreed to be in an uncomfortable confessional,
which was like a prison,
up to 15 to 16 hours on certain days.
I will try to develop the habit of frequent confession,
to prepare properly each time
and to have always regret for my sins,
so that the grace of final perseverance
but also the sanctification of my soul will be assured.
Ask this grace for me.
Holy Priest of Ars,
I have confidence in your intercession.
Pray for me during this novena especially for
( our prayer intention here )

Recite the following prayers..

Our Father..Hail Mary..Glory Be..
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