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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Today is the Feast of Saint Peter Chrysologus , Doctor of the Church and the archbishop of Ravenna

Saint Peter Chrysologus is the Doctor of Homilies. His words helped to defeat the attack on Christ's humanity. No doctor said so much in his homilies in fewer words. To hear his sermons after nearly 1500 years is a blessing, each and every time.
He was the archbishop of Ravenna, Italy as a young priest and he expended his energies neutralizing the last forces of paganism of his day.
Chrysologus is a hard name to pronounce, let alone to remember. The name means "The Golden-Worded". His prayer when he spoke is taken from Sermon 96 and it states:
May our God deign to give me the grace of speaking and you the desire of hearing.
To really benefit fruitfully from any conversation or homily, one's heart and mind must be open to receive the communication. Peter was filled with all the gifts and fruits of the Spirit but even his best efforts to impart his wisdom and knowledge would not benefit anyone unless his listeners were truly docile to grace through their hearts and attentive with their eyes and minds, both exteriorly and interiorly. Our souls have eyes and powerful perceptions that are drawn to God's message when we are good, sincere and desire to learn.
St Peter's heart went out to all of his members and to those who he addressed through his homilies. He told us:  

The devil does not wish to possess a man, but to destroy him. Why? Because he does not wish, he does not dare, he does not allow the man to arrive at the Heaven from which the devil fell. Jealousy, envy, pride and anger, to name only a few capital sins, rage in lucifer, the prince of devils.

St Peter Chrysologus has been declared a Doctor of the Church after nearly 1500 years. Unfortunately, many have nearly forgotten him. But the church in her wisdom through Benedict XIII in 1729 has entered his name into the august class of doctors.

Saint Peter Chrysologus , pray for us and save the Church 

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